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Currently, Lithuania has several dozens of companies offering relocation services. Here are companies that have been around for more than ten years, the others just recently formed. Often removal services are those whose main activity is not relocation services. Due to the cost of the services and the quality is rather different view of the entire range of removal companies.

The above considerations are often causing difficulties for customers choosing a removal company or later they remain frustrated because of unmet expectations.

Moving Experts activity is to provide removal services optimization in correctly choosing a service provider and aligning client's financial capabilities (planned removals costs) with the ultimate goal of successful implementation, as well as additional services (insurance, furniture manufacturers, carpenter, electrician services, blinds and roller shutters for windows design, short-term and long-term storage, etc.), which are associated with the relocation services.

Our experts with experience in the field of relocation services of more than 20 years will visit you for pre-move survey, will assess your needs and desires, will prepare an estimate of services, and  provide free consultations to independently perform of some removal work.

We sincerely hope that this site contains information to help you make the right decisions.

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