White Glove Services

The Moving Experts understands that each move is unique and we are prepared to provide you with any moving service that you may need.

From transporting your antiques and fine art, pianos and grandfather clocks, big screen TV’s and aquariums, motorcycles or cars – we have the solution available for you.

Here is the list of some of our special moving:

  • Packing and crating – it is an optional service that available for our clients upon request. Packing and crating service includes professional packing materials ... and the labor of the movers that will pack everything you have in your home - starting with your clothes, ending with your dishes and including all the electronics, lamps, mirrors...
  • Transportation of art works and exhibitions. We serve museums and private persons. We organize professional packing of art works, crating, insurance, transportation around the world;
  • Express delivery – this is the urgent transportation of your items within the shortest possible time. Our carriers can transport your goods to the most distant corner of the world within 1-3 days;
  • Coordination of moving process. Preparation of large quantities of items for transportation, transportation and delivery to the place of destination is a very complex process. If you are not sure, that you deal with this, believe removal process coordination to Moving Experts;
  • Storage services. Move to a new home, who are not ready for life? This - not a problem. Moving Experts will offer short-term and long-term storage of the heated and protected premises. You can store a variety of bulky items;
  • Wondering where to buy high quality and appropriate boxes and other packing materials? Moving Experts will help you solve the issue, if necessary, organize delivery to your home;
  • Car (normal and vintage) transportation all over the world;
  • Insurance - this is your quiet sleep guarantee. This service is an integral part of the removals, as long-time transport can occur any unpleasant surprises. Moving Experts will offer you the most favorable insurance options, as well as insurance against all risks.

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