International Removals

Are you moving anywhere in the world? America, Asia, Africa, Australia or in our Europe?

Moving abroad requires considerable organization and planning efforts. Let Moving Experts help you plan everything from start to finish. Using the extensive network of international removal companies we will do all the work for you. Just tell us what and how to do.

We offer the following services for international removals:

  • Packing of personal belongins in your residence;
  • Preparing of the list of items (inventory);
  • Loading of items;
  • Delivery to terminal;
  • Preparing of items for transportation;
  • Transportation by road transport (dedicated truck or with collected cargoes);
  • Transportation by sea transport (dedicated sea container or with collected cargoes);
  • Transportation by air transport;
  • Crating;
  • Preparation of documentation for export customs clearance procedures and customs representation;
  • Destination services: import customs clearance procedures, delivery to residence, unloading, unpacking, removal of used packing material at same day.

International removal cost depends on the shipping terms below:

  • Door to terminal (sea port, air port) in Lithuania;
  • Door to terminal (sea port, air port) abroad;
  • Door to door, etc.

Here is a list of steps that we recommend you to do in preparation for removals:

  • Start planning 2-3 months before removal;
  • Plan items to be shipped;
  • Purchase any new items to be shipped;
  • Make itemized inventory of goods;
  • Determine value of inventory;
  • Confirm moving date with your carrier;
  • Make storage arrangements, if needed;
  • Have all documents and valuables with you, including passport, record of inoculations and visa, if necessary;
  • Agent's name and address - date of sailing - expected arrival - container number - number of units shipped;
  • Provide contact addresses in destination country so that the shipper can contact you.

Getting an estimate:

The first step in international removal is to have an estimator visit your home to make a complete evaluation of your goods. There is no charge for this survey. The estimator will examine each room in order to determine the total volume of items and the shipping method best suited to your particular needs and will provide you with a written estimate of approximate costs to ship. You will need to inform the estimator of what kind of service you will need. Take this chance to ask any questions that you may have about your international move.


Leave packing of your items to professional packers because distant shipping is always associated with an increased risk. You can do self-packing of items which are not very sensitive for damage (clothing, shoes, bedding, etc.).

The following documents will be necessary to expedite clearance through customs:

  • Copy of passport;
  • Valued list of items (Proforma-invoice);
  • Inventory;
  • Removal order for antiques and works of art issued by Ministry of Culture of Lithuania.

You may need and other documents abroad, depending on which country you are importing items. This information should be supplied by your shipper.

Possible schemes of international removals:

  • Lithuania  -  abroad;
  • Abroad – Lithuania;
  • Abroad – abroad.

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